FM R&B is a new-age music entertainment company that utilizes fan engagement to administer label services to the recording artists assigned to the FM R&B label. The company is modeled after a traditional record label in the services it provides to the artist, but with FM R&B, the fans help in the decision-making process through the company’s mobile application and fan engagement software. Utilizing online platforms for broadcasting and distribution, the company will be featured as a reality-styled show, to give the engaging fan the visual effects of the label’s operations, the artists, and their development. FM R&B will capitalize on the multi-billion dollar music market across the world through the production and promotion of high-quality responsible entertainment.


Although traditional brick-and-mortar music sales have diminished over the years with the emergence of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, we will seek to become profitable through the sale of pre-recorded music products, show advertising sales, branding/product placement, brand partnerships, and ancillary profit centers. FM R&B will own and control the masters, copyrights, and licenses of its product, which will enable it to create immediate revenue streams while growing its catalog into a multi-million dollar asset. We seek investment partners, to join us as we continue to keep alive the legacy of R&B music.

The company will provide record label services to handle specifically the music genre of R&B, (Rhythm & Blues). Over the past 2 decades, there has been a steady decline in the production and release of R&B music, which has left the music genre struggling to gain momentum in sales, radio airplay, and presence. R&B is virtually non-existent, only being survived by the old school songs randomly played on mainstream radio and select old school radio stations. With FM R&B, we look to revive R&B music to its once prominent and relevant state. FM R&B has compiled an exciting and diverse roster of highly talented veterans and debuting artists. This diverse roster of artists will allow FM R&B to market to old school R&B listeners and attract new-age millennials and generation X, which is our target market.


The core team brings over 50 years of experience in artist development, production, merchandising, sales, social media engagement, marketing, touring, branding, licensing, publishing, and other ancillary monetization. Unlike any other, FM R&B will be successful in this endeavor because it offers something that no other record company or label services brand offers, upfront fan engagement coupled with the resurgence of R&B music. Our company concept is unique in its own right because it uses new-age mobile application technology and fan engagement to facilitate part of its services. In today’s modern society, technology is implanted in nearly every aspect of our daily routines, so it was best suited to employ one of the many facets of technology into our fold.


“Fans will get what they want, as we provide the best R&B artists singing real R&B music for all to enjoy through the next generation.”