Antony – musician, singer, songwriter was named after the character in Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra. It is a story of romance, passion, and drama. The modern-day Antony is certainly as unique as his name and his music has all the romance, passion, and drama of the famous Shakespearean play.

Antony is a product of the south side of Chicago. He grew up in church singing harmonies in an acapella worship service where bad notes were not tolerated and could not be hidden by musicians. His father was the choir director and worship leader. Antony took piano lessons from the age of five and soon began to play the trumpet, drums, and saxophone. In high school, he had expanded into writing, recording, and producing his own music.

In high school, Antony joined his first band as a keyboard player, songwriter, and singer. The band was called Intimacii. They were fashioned after their musical influences like Prince and the Revolution, Morris Day and The Time, and others. Their band was very popular among Antony’s peers. It was here that the desire to be a musician for life was stamped on Antony’s heart. In Intimacii, the relationship between Antony and Steve Maskel (guitar & vocals) took root. After high school and serving in the armed services, Steve went on to become a popular Chicago radio and dance mix DJ under the name Steve Miggedy Maestro. These two lifelong friends have now reunited all these years later in a producer/writer and composer/performer relationship to create Antony’s current EP project, For Love.

From high school until now Antony has continued performing, writing, and recording. He has been on hundreds of festival, corporate, wedding, and church stages in Chicago and the Midwest as lead singer for the Associates Band – most recently opening for Kindred, the Family Soul in 2019, choir director for his church, and member of a traveling gospel Quintet – The United Quintet of Chicago.

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