Jon Jon Harreld aka Jon Jon of the popular R&B Group TROOP, at the age of six, started singing gospel with his mother, brother and sisters in the church where he grew up which was located in the City Of Pasadena, California. His desire for music did not stop there as he quickly became obsessed with playing the bongos drums and started playing for the congregation at the tender age of eight. Even though Jon Jon is already an accomplished entertainer with a powerful voice which is constantly compared to R&B/Pop legends like Teddy Pendergrass,Luther Vandross, Michael McDonald and Philip Bailey, he knows doing music the way God gives it to him is important. But he also wants to make sure that his fans know how important they are to Troop’s success as well as his own. He says (The Fans) have always reacted so warmly to his voice during concerts that they always inspire him to push him to the limit! Musically, Jon Jon has worked and challenged himself by getting deeper involved in the writing and producing side of the business. On the opposite end of the entertaining world, his talent as an actor has emerged by appearing as an extra on the hit motion picture “Coming To America” starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in 1990. Jon Jon has also performed as an actor in a play called “Treat Her Like A Lady” which was directed by Roy Fegan. Troop accompanied him on the set of “New Jack City” starring Wesley Snipes and Ice-T. As a result the group appeared in the film and performed the hit theme single “For the Love of Money/Living for the City” with LeVert & Queen Latifah.

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