Kaleem Umari


Kaleem Umari, is an American singer, songwriter and voice-over artist. He was born during America’s radical rebellion of the 60’s in Queens, New York where his love for R & B music was first horned. His singing development began with joining the church choir at age 11. Influenced heavily by artist like: Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder and Larry Graham of Graham Central Station, his love for the “funky singing” style was at that time a little to progressive for the standard church scene. By the age of 16, young Mr. Umari was set on becoming a professional musician.

With help from his mentor/high school music teacher Reggie Andrews of “Let it Whip” fame and several other soon-to-be famous musician (Patrice Rushen, Leon “Ndugu” Chancler and Ray Brown of the EWF horns) Kaleem set off to make his mark. One of his first professional gigs was working with Phillip Bailey of Earth,Wind and Fire on Mr. Bailey’s debut production for a R&B group called “FreeLife”. Many other musical opportunities continued for many years for Kaleem: musical director, music production coordinator, touring background singer, etc. for various professional music artists. Mr. Umari continues his musical contributions to the 21 century music scene through songwriting collaborations and new talent development.


“Fans will get what they want, as we provide the best R&B artists singing real R&B music for all to enjoy through the next generation.”