Father is Jazz guitarist James Greene. Grandmother was a singer and piano player who turned down an R&B contract for the church. Brother was in a local group who opened for New Kids On The Block. Cousin is Choclet’ from Graham Central Station. After being told I couldn’t sing by the chorus director in elementary school, I picked up the violin. Moved from Stockton to Los Angeles. Enrolled into a private Christian school where I was overheard singing and was called into the administrator’s office to audition. I informed her of the incident at my last school, involving the chorus director, to which she said..”This isn’t the chorus, this is a gospel choir and you’re leading a song”. Later, the choir director Jacqueline Gouché gave me my first song to lead and I honed my acting and singing skills at my new school. As my confidence grew, I started singing solos at my church, where one of my choir directors was the late Tracy Coley. At this time I would sing for my aunt’s neighbor, who called on me to perform for her clients as she styled their hair. This neighbor got me an audition for Deathrow Records to which my mother turned down for me. I then joined a girl group named Tré Unique. We sang backgrounds on recordings for Mista Grimm on the song “Steady Dippin’”, Hip-Hop group Discipline on “Zig Zag” and rapper Madd C.j Macc’s ” Dead Man Walking”. The group signed a record deal and recorded an album, but it was never released. The group disbanded and I went solo. I sang background for artists such as L.V, Jon B, Frank McComb, Dana Glover. I wrote and sang hooks for numerous Hip-Hop artists.

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