Melodi hails from the great state of Texas. She is the youngest of 4, blessed to be born into a musical family. She is a singer/songwriter and no stranger to the stage. Starting out at a young age she grew intrigued by the inner workings of music and performing. In her early years, she sang with her brothers and sister as a quartet as well as her family of six singing country gospel tunes at various events. During her years at Southwestern Christian College, an HBCU known for its choral performances and amazing vocalists, not only was she a choral member, but also Student music director. She was also the student assistant choral director for the chorus, working under the local legend Amy Johnson-Walker. After Southwestern, she went on to further her education at Oklahoma Christian University. In 2016, Melodi returned to her Alma mater, SwCC to assume the role Director of Choral and Ensemble Music. There she combined her love her of the arts by way of writing, arranging, producing, conducting and performing. Melodi has had the privilege of working alongside some world renown musicians including multi Oscar nominee and winner film composer, George Fenton along with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Her eclectic music ideals are apparent when listening to her own body of work and especially when it comes to the world of a cappella/a cappella gospel. She is a part of the all- female ensemble, DAWN, and has been a member since the conception of this group. They’ve travelled from coast to coast for the past 12 years; performing to audiences displaying their love for rich, smooth harmonies. Today Melodi continues to perform with DAWN as well as writing and co-writing alongside music industry veteran, Michael C. Clark for FM R&B entertainment. In this realm, she is able to display her musical pallet, engineering and wide range of writing styles, which reflect her eclectic personality.

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