Founder & CEO

Hello, my name is Michael Clark. For the past 4 decades, I have made a lasting career in the music and entertainment business as a songwriter, a musician, president of Weberworks Entertainment Group and working in digital mastering for Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Image Entertainment.

Music has always played a significant role in my life, but since the early 2000’s, there has been a major shift in the type of music that is being played across musical platforms. Rhythm & Blues music is the forefather of all music and is the foundation by which other genres of music were birthed. But in this current shift, traditional R&B is slowly being swept under the rug and fazed-out as the leading musical genre. Hip Hop/Rap, whose musical content and lyrical storytelling originated from R&B, now wears the crown as the dominating musical art form. R&B music was once respected and loved by many, but in today’s music marketplace, we no longer hear the soulful voices, or the sultry sweet sounds of classic harmonies with funky bass lines and strings playing in the background.

The preservation of R&B music starts now with, FM R&B, A Visual Record Label, where today’s R&B merges with old school R&B to form the new R&B sound that will resonate with millennials, Generation X and old school baby boomers. With the launch of FM R&B, it will highlight the creative talents of young musical influencers, producers and performers, as well as resurrect the sounds of some of old schools most prominent crooners and vocalists. You ask what makes this label so different? In addition to the production of R&B music, we know the astounding impact the fans have on the popularity of music, so we have enlisted the fans support from the beginning to get them involved on the whole artistic journey of their favorite artists. Through a customized partner app, fans will engage on a daily basis and give their input in every element of the development process of the artist. So, in the end, the fans will get what they want, as we provide the best R&B artists singing real R&B music for all to enjoy through the next generation.


“Fans will get what they want, as we provide the best R&B artists singing real R&B music for all to enjoy through the next generation.”